The Key Foundation Veteran Services


Transitional Housing

After 25 years of providing this service for at-risk veterans in the Las Vegas metro area, effective January 1, 2017, due to the addition of nearly 500 new transitional housing units for veterans in the Las Vegas metro area, The Key Foundation has discontinued our transitional housing program.  We will no longer be accepting new veterans into this program, but will gladly provide referrals to those veterans needing transitional housing.

Job Training and Placement

Unemployment is a serious challenge for American veterans, particularly those transitioning from or at-risk of becoming homeless. Currently, the unemployment rate for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans is nearly twice the rate of the civilian population. This lack of gainful employment is often a key factor in service members’ decisions to serve multiple deployments. Our goal at The Key Foundation is to help these unemployed veterans find meaningful work that allows them to become self-sufficient and contributing members of civilian society.

Indirect Financial Assistance

Las Vegas can often be a somewhat unique place for people seeking employment. There are a large number of positions available here that require a variety of permits, from gaming, Sheriff’s cards and health cards to C.D.L.’s. We help veterans who are seeking employment with the funds necessary to complete the permitting process when they have job offers in those employment areas that require specific permits or licensing. In addition, we can also provide bus passes for the local transit system to assist them in getting both to and from interviews, medical appointments and to and from work up to the point they receive that all important first paycheck.



While The Key Foundation currently no longer has the personnel resources to provide a variety of counseling types to veterans in need, we do maintain close relationships with other organizations in the Las Vegas metro area that do provide specialized counseling in many areas pertinent to military veterans, and we are able to provide referrals as needed.


Foundation volunteers go into the streets throughout the Las Vegas metro area and into the urban desert and to the Lake Mead and Lake Mohave recreational areas seeking out homeless veterans. The volunteers provide, when possible, emergency food and water, emergency toiletry kits, find out if any of these veterans have special needs and provide information and—in some cases, emergency transportation to—social service programs, designed specifically to assist at-risk veterans in need of assistance.

Educational Services

Addiction and Mental Health Issues